You guys must have some experience with video games right. Video games have a save feature. While you playing the game if you think you made the wrong decision or wanted to try out something different you can simply load the old state and start from that specific point. The design pattern that I am going to talk about today also does this sort of thing. It allows us to reset our object, sounds cool right…

In this article I will be talking about the Memento Design Pattern. If you are new to Design Patterns, I would recommend you all…

Blocks(Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

See the above image. Those are Lego pieces. Each piece will serve its own purpose like a door and window, when we put these single pieces together we can paint a bigger picture. The architecture that I am going to talk about today will also act like these Legos.

If you are new to the software industry or are currently coming back to the industry after a break it is a must to learn about Microservices. Microservices has taken the industry by storm, nowadays a lot of enterprise level applications are built using this Microservices. …

Containers (Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash)

In the modern software world, Enterprise Level Applications are expected to run at all times, have less downtime and should be accessible everywhere and be developed quickly and deployed as soon as possible. The way to deploy these software has seen its changes in the past years from being monolithic application to becoming service oriented. And in this service oriented architecture containerized application is all the talk nowadays. So in this article I will explain how we evolved into Containerized application and give an introduction to the leaders in containers Docker.

A Brief History Lesson

Generation 1

Around five to six years ago our applications would…

Chains (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

The design pattern that we are going to discuss about today is similar to the above image. With a chain we can decrease its length by cutting off a part or increase its length by adding new parts to the chain. Just like this chain the Chain Of Responsibility design pattern can do operations. If you are new to design patterns, I would recommend you to read the first half of my first Design pattern article by clicking here. Now that introductions are over lets talk about the design pattern.

You all must have real life experience that is similar…

Builder (Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash)

In this article we will be looking at another creational pattern which is the Builder Design Pattern. Before going into builder pattern, if you are new to design patterns I would recommend reading my first article by clicking here. I have done 3 different design patterns so far. The links will be given at the end of the article, feel free to check them if you want.

Now to the topic at hand, Builder design pattern. Builder design pattern comes under the Creational Design pattern. Just like with other creational pattern, builder design pattern will also help creating instances from…

A skeleton(Photo by Ekaterina Kuznetsova on Unsplash)

The above image showcases a skeleton, all of us humans have a basic skeleton and then we differentiate ourselves from different muscle structure, skin tones and so on. Just like that Prototype design pattern will also have a sample object in which multiple different copies will be created.

This is the part 3 of the design patterns article that I have been writing, the links for the previous ones is posted at the end of the article. Check the first link if you are new to Design patterns before reading this article. …

Factory Work (Photo by Clayton Cardinalli on Unsplash)

In this article we will be talking about the factor design pattern which is also known as factory method design pattern. This design pattern comes under the Creational Design Pattern. If you guys don’t know anything about Design patterns, then click here for my previous article which will give information about Design Patterns and what Singleton Pattern is.

What is Factory Design Pattern?

Just like the singleton pattern in Factory Pattern we will not be directly creating an instance of the class using the new keyword. In singleton we would be creating a single instance of a specific class, but in factory we will be…

Patterns (Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash)

In your day do day life you guys would have noticed that certain things happen in a certain specific way. For example there is a specific procedure for a police to arrest a criminal. A certain type of body movements a batsman makes before he does a batting shot, and a diver getting into a specific position before diving off into the pool. All these activities have certain patterns that each of them does. Just like that there are Design patterns that software engineers can use that can make their life easier.

In this article I will give an introduction…

Connections ( israel palacio on Unsplash)

This is the part 2 of the Man In The Middle Attack. In my previous article I talked about ARP poisoning and now in this article I will be talking about DNS Spoofing. Before talking about DNS spoofing I will give a small introduction to what DNS is and then talk about DNS spoofing.

How do you connect to the internet?

Before talking in technical terms lets talk about a small real life scenario. If you are to call someone, what would you do first. You will be looking up their number in your phone contacts and then call them. …

Just a Cool Looking Picture

Before I start this article answer see if you can answer this simple question. What is hacking? if you google this question it will give you a lot of answers with advanced English words. Simply put hacking is just thinking outside the box. Hacking is all about making a software do what it isn’t supposed to be doing with the commands and services that is provided by the software itself.

Before we go any further you guys be thinking MITM? ARP? what are these. …

Ravindran Kugan

Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa

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